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Burnout coaching

What's a burnout?

In short: Burnout is a form of extreme exhaustion caused by prolonged overburdening.

A burnout can also be seen as a body emergency brake. This emergency brake forces you to slow down.


How can a burnout occur?

A shortage of personal resources (such as optimism, self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience, flexibility and physical fitness), increases susceptibility to stress in e.g. highly sensitive people (HSP).

Below are a few work situations that can cause a burn-out:

Work related

Time pressure, Structural overtime, Too many tasks, Too hard work, Emotionally heavy work, Balance between effort and reward.


Lack of autonomy, bullying and other unfair behaviour, being highly sensitive and not knowing how to deal with it.

Other factors

Relationship problems, Educational difficulties, Financial problems, Arguing with neighbors or family, Major life events or traumas in the past

What are you going to achieve after the coachings program?

Restoring energy resilience and vitality

Gain insight into your own sources of stress

Developing awareness and skills in dealing with stress

Learning to recognise and deal with stress-increasing thoughts

Help tackle stress-inducing environmental factors such as conflicts at work, overcrowded agenda, a job that is structurally out of tune with your talents or values

Personal and professional growth by exploring, developing and applying own possibilities

Rediscover the motivation for work by rediscovering the connection to personal values and motives

Developing talents and competencies such as stress resistance, assertiveness, planning and self-confidence

Learning to put one's own ambition or perfectionism into perspective while maintaining the work drive

Possibly adjust the current function; help discover subsequent tasks. Find out what you love to do.

Prevention of relapse after recovery

Location / Costs / Reimbursement

Burn-out Coaching process

Main location is Rijswijk - Ezzy Family: Click hereto open the location in Google
I have access to multiple locations within a radius of 15km around Zoetermeer (contact me for more information).

Ik maak gebruik van een zeer effectief programma dat bestaat uit coaching voor herstel van Burnout en Mindfulness Stress Reduction. Kosten zijn op aanvraag.

The course consists of 8 sessions of 90 minutes.

Through the employer: Ask for a free treatment plan with an offer.

Including telephone support 24/7 during the first week (max 1 hour in total)

Including online learning environment

What the trajectory looks like:
We are going to start a program that works effectively in case of burnout. The severity of the burnout differs per person. I always provide a tailor-made package with the programme as a basis. We can discuss this further during the no-obligation intake.

Reimbursement of expenses

Through your employer and health and safety service

From the moment the employee reports sick, the employer has a number of obligations. Not only must he continue to pay his sick employee's wages during the first two years of absence, he is also responsible for the absenteeism guidance and reintegration of a disabled employee. The latter obligation is included in the Gatekeeper Improvement Act (Wet verbetering poortwachter, Wvp). My programme meets the requirements set by the Wvp. Ask for a non-binding treatment plan so that you can give it to work.

Via the tax

If, as a private individual, you pay the costs for coaching yourself, you can deduct these costs including VAT as training costs. The aim of the trajectory must then be to change position or to maintain or improve the knowledge and skills you need to acquire or maintain income from work. For more information, please contact the tax authorities. My treatment plan meets the set requirements. In addition, you can include the costs of a training course as a deduction in your income tax return. The costs are deductible when you file your tax return under the item 'extraordinary medical expenses', when the training has been advised by a general practitioner or doctor/specialist. No rights can be attached to this information. It always remains your responsibility when you declare your income tax to the tax authorities.


People with a personal budget can get these costs reimbursed through the PGB. For more information and the conditions for a PGB you can visit the website of the interest group Per Saldo PGB.

Via health care costs

Coaching does not fall under primary health care costs and is therefore not always (fully) reimbursed. Nevertheless, more and more insurance companies are recognising the results of effective coaching and reimbursing them in the supplementary insurance packages. We therefore advise you to check the possibilities for reimbursement of coaching with your health insurer.

Via the UWV

If you receive a benefit, you can ask the benefit agency (UWV) about the available financial resources for your recovery and reintegration. You can conclude an Individual Reintegration Agreement with your UWV. With this agreement, the UWV makes a budget available to you with which you can pay for all or part of your coaching programme. For more information, please visit the UWV website.

What others think

Safraz Alibaks
Safraz Alibaks
Read More
The sessions I attended helped me to be conscious and calm down. Roy has a low-threshold approach that gives everyone the space (much or little experience) to share what he wants to share. Mindfullness is something everyone could get something out of.
Bas Sardjoe
Bas Sardjoe
Read More
During the 8 mindfulness sessions I experienced how to deal with the 'to-do lists', the awkward conversations with supervisors and other common thoughts that go through my head as I try to concentrate. After one session I noticed that I was much more relaxed than before the start of the session, also physical tensions such as tensions in my neck and shoulders. In practice I noticed that the energy during, for example, 'difficult' conversations was much more positive than before. In other words, highly recommended!
Tanja Groenendijk
Tanja Groenendijk
Read More
I followed the training Mindfulness of 8 sessions with Roy. Roy is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher who, through his own experiences, really has something to add to the lessons. Because of his calm and open attitude there is a nice group dynamic.
Einar van Meurs
Einar van Meurs
Read More
I had Roy's Mindfulness training. He is a very pleasant trainer, who explains and tells everything in a calm way. He has a very pleasant voice, which certainly contributes positively to the whole experience. Thank you Roy for the nice training!
Cherida Venloo
Cherida Venloo
Read More
I have experienced Roy as a very passionate trainer who introduced Mindfulness to me in a very committed way. Especially the 'not having to do anything' was an eye-opener for me. After the 8 Mindfulness sessions I got a number of handles that I can practice very well in private but also in business. I am glad that I participated in the sessions and can recommend Roy as a trainer to anyone and he is also a nice person. Thanks Roy!
Robbert van Spronsen
Robbert van Spronsen
Read More
Roy can help you from his experience. Radiates tranquillity and that's nice.
Yasmae Omar
Yasmae Omar
Read More
So nice to be heard once and finally have that approach that suits me! Roy has a very nice soothing voice, besides that he can listen very well and find out what you need.

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